Refuge: para no cubrir la violencia intrafamiliar

July 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Lauren Luke – Don’t cover it up campaign

“Thousands of women experience domestic violence in this country every day. Yet many women are too frightened to speak out – instead they try to cover up the abuse. At Refuge we want women to break the silence, to realise they are not alone and to reach out and get help and support.

Hiding the physical effects of domestic violence is just one of the ways a woman might try to cover up what her partner has done to her. She may also withdraw from seeing her family and friends and become isolated, afraid to tell anyone what she’s going through. The emotional and psychological effects of domestic violence are undetectable to the naked eye – but this type of abuse is equally, if not more, damaging. Lauren’s cuts, bruises and fear are fictitious. But for thousands of women this is the reality of their everyday lives.

Domestic violence is a hidden crime. Help bring the issue out of the shadows. By sharing this film and taking action you can make a positive difference to the future of women and children who experience domestic violence.”

Una campaña de REFUGE.ORG.UK

Entrevista a Lauren Luke:


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